Bespoke Polymer Fasteners

High Performance Polymer Develops Bespoke Polymer Fastener Solutions

Do you Require Bespoke Polymer Fasteners or Customisation?

High Performance Polymer doesn’t just provide ‘off the shelf’ polymer Fasteners, our experienced team have backgrounds in engineering from programming CNC machines to designing high specification components for use with particle physics.

What can HPP Provide?

High Performance Polymer can provide the following:

  • Customisation of existing Polymer fasteners
  • Development of bespoke polymer fasteners
  • Outsource manufacture 
  • Full delivery of bespoke fastener solutions

How does it work?

This is dependent on customer requirements. Often Clients will ask us to develop bespoke fasteners with unique fastening head types for security.

In this case we would develop a bespoke fastener based upon the application of the fastener and its metric/imperial size/length. We then discuss the design with the client and once all requirements are met, we will manufacture the fasteners in collaboration with our ISO9001 Registered manufacturer.

Alternatively some of our clients already have fully developed designs or requirements, in which case we develop a manufacturing solution alongside our manufacturer and deliver the bespoke solution to the client.

Why not give us a try?

 why not give us a try for your next bespoke polymer fastener solution? 

We deliver exceptional transparent customer service until the bespoke polymer fasteners are delivered to the client.

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