PEEK Cable ties for use in high temperature applications 

Key Features

  • For use in extreme temperature applications -55˚C up to +260˚C.
  • Manufactured using Victrex™ PEEK 90G (data sheet below).
  • Serration situated on the outer side avoiding damage to the bundle.
  • High Strength, Chemical resistant and RF transparent.
  • Inhabits all exceptional characteristics associated with PEEK.
  • Tried and tested by the defense industry.


Our cable ties exhibit the exceptional characteristics you find in the Victrex™ PEEK 90G Material. The ties were originally designed for the defence industry to be used in specialist applications; these were then adopted by the aerospace industry as PEEK has much improved performance over traditional nylon ties. The performance of our ties is similar to metal ties, however with greatly reduced weight and increased corrosion resistance.

View Our PEEK Cable Tie Range:

PEEK Cable Ties (With Mounting Hole)
PEEK Cable Ties (With Mounting Hole)

PEEK Cable Ties (With Mounting Hole)

PEEK Cable Ties
PEEK Cable Ties

PEEK Cable Ties

Customer Applications

Our ties most common applications involve aircraft, whether this is for commercial use or the defence sector, the high abrasion resistance and strength make the PEEK ties a popular choice.

Life sciences
PEEK is naturally radiation resistant, this makes our cable ties perfect for use in life science applications where neutrons are apparent.

One of our customers (former F1 World Constructors champions) use these ties due to their high temperature resistance, perfect for bundling cables in with other hot components.

Satellite manufacturing
PEEK is more commonly used in industries that require exceptional performance, satellite manufacturing is no exception with the material requirements at an incredibly high standard. Our ties are perfect for this application as they are the pinnacle of polymer ties.

Victrex PEEK 90G Data Sheet

Follow the link below to view the Victrex PEEK 90G data sheet. This includes properties such as mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical resistance.

View Data Sheet
Certificates Available On Request