RENY Screws

50% Glass-Fibre Reinforced Nylon (Polyamide MXD6)

What are RENY Screws? 

RENY screws are used frequently in multiple industries worldwide. It was developed by the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company and as its title states is mainly based on polyamide MXD6 (PAMXD6).

RENY’s structure has similar properties to common nylon screws, however it is reinforced with 50% glass-fibre, which makes it one of the highest tensile strength polymer screws on the market. RENY also excels in oil resistance, which makes it a common sight within the automotive industry.

Metal Replacement
RENY Screws have true metal replacement characteristics, this is due to their incredible tensile strength and low thermal expansion coefficient which is very similar to that of an alloy screw.

RENY vs Nylon 6/6
When compared to Nylon6/6 RENY boasts a much higher tensile strength and much higher hydrolysis resistance, making it a true high-performance polymer.

High Quality
High Performance Polymer only stocks RENY screws that are of the highest quality. All of our injection moulded RENY screws have a gate residue of less than 5%.

Special Features of RENY Screws include:

High Tensile Strength – RENY is among the highest performing polymer screws in terms of tensile strength on the market today (285Mpa).

Low cost - In comparison to other engineered polymer, such as PPS, PI and PEEK.

Low water absorption – especially when compared to Nylon 6/6, this allows dimensional stability and mechanical strength to remain high even under high water absorption environments.

Excellent weight to strength ratio
Specific gravity (1.65).

  • Non-Magnetic
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Non-Corrosive
  • High heat operation (105°C)
  • Ultra low weight 
  • Flame resistance 
  • Hydrolysis resistance

RENY Data Sheet

Follow the link below to view our RENY fastener data sheet. This includes properties such as mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical resistance.

View Data Sheet
Certificates Available On Request

RENY Screw Head Types

Pan Head

Countersunk (DIN 965)

Socket Cap (DIN 912)

RENY Screws Industry Applications


The automotive industry is always looking for cost effective methods to reduce the weight of vehicles for improved efficiency – RENY enables this as its ratio between weight, tensile strength and cost is second to none.


RENY exhibits excellent electrical insulation properties, this allows it to be used in a wide range of electrical applications. Pairing this with RENY’s hydrolysis resistance and high tensile strength, results in a highly capable screw in a wide range of extreme environments.


The construction industry is a tough environment, this is why RENY Is the ultimate polymer screw to be utilised. Its High torsional strength and Impact resistance allows for a wide range of fastening applications, whether this be interior or exterior.


RENY has a very high tensile strength, exceptional oil resistance and a low thermal coefficient of expansion, which is similar to that of an alloy screw. This enables it to be used in machinery components and other applications where metal replacement is necessary.


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