Stocking Programme

Polymer fasteners exactly when you need them.

Do you need a reliable polymer fastener supplier?

A common problem often  encountered with performance polymer fasteners is long lead times due to logistics or manufacturing delays (these can often be many months).

At High Performance Polymer, we don't believe in long lead times and lack of communication with the client. We can supply a multitude of polymer fasteners over a contracted period, keeping stock in our UK warehouse ready for when you need it. 

What are the benefits?

The benefits of joining the High Performance Polymer stocking programme are as follows:

  • Unit Discount
  • Removes potential supply chain gaps.
  • Components are always ready to be dispatched.
  • Ensures predictable cash flow.

How does it work?

Once you have decided on the PEEK fasteners you require, we will then provide a quotation based upon the item, quantity and frequency.

If the quotation is accepted, we will then draw up a contract outlining the customers’ requirements and our delivery.

We will then ensure that all components are manufactured and delivered according to the customers’ requirements and expectations.

Why not give HPP a try?

If you already have a supplier for PEEK fasteners, why not give us a try?

We will price match against other UK PEEK fastener suppliers plus an extra 10% off. We are confident we can exceed your expectations in the quality of our products, our delivery and customer service.

Contact us

For more information or to request a quotation please contact us: